Grand finale / The winners / 27th World Music Competition

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Music Festival Days of Music on the Oder: Conductor Dmitry Polyakov - Concert tour in Europe

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Easter evening at the Philharmonic

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The first concert of the cycle 'The Chamber Orchestra invites friends'

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Only one rehearsal made the magic on stage


At the rehearsal:

Dmitry Polyakov and Mikhail Mordvinov with the Murmansk Philharmonic Orchestra

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VESTI Murmansk TV: Maestro opened the Musical Offering Festival

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Stars of the 21st century will arrive in Krasnoyarsk

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Tenth Festival of Performing Arts: The Musical Offering 

in Murmansk

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Triumph of The Barber of Seville

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Classical music lovers met with notable performers

from the capital

Dmitry Polyakov became the laureate of Symphony of Siberia Project in Krasnoyarsk, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Conductor Dmitry Polyakov - Concert tour in Europe

Arctic TV: Maestro opened the Musical Offering Festival with the winner of the Queen Elizabeth Competition

Dmitry Polyakov appointed the Music Director of the KM Theatre


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